Recipe for Success: Perfect Job

What simple steps can help you succeed in securing the perfect job?

Don’t wait – dive in!

Earlier this summer, Shannon Metzler, a mom of two school age children, knew she was ready to get back in the workforce. Her goal was to become a swim instructor. Over the course of a few months, she effectively networked and identified local opportunities and not only secured a position, but actually secured 2 positions and even had to turn down a third offer! She also provides private swim instruction. 
Did you set a time limit for achieving your goals?

I did not set a time limit. I have been thinking about swim coaching for a number of years. But there was a bit of a time constraint in that there was a position available and I needed to get my resume in to the hiring company before the job went to someone else.

Did you ask for help to achieve your goals?
YES!!  I doubted my ability to be an effective coach. I sought help and found someone who rallied for me. This friend was Incredibly supportive and optimistic about what I could do.
What was the most important action you took?
Updating my résumé. The positions are out there, and I generally interview well if I can get in the door.

Does social media make you nervous?

I found out recently that some employees at one of my customers’ offices are scared to talk around me! They are

Social Media makes some people nervous

worried that anything and everything they say will end up on the Interwebs via one of the nine social media platforms that I manage for their brand. Where did they get that idea?

They are scared to say something wrong and don’t realize they are valuable sources of information.So to counteract the feelings of fear, in this particular office – I have a new strategy.

I now email staff and ask what they are up to that week. Sometimes I ask for their “three most challenging tasks” or “the thing they never thought would be part of this job” or “their favorite activity/what makes it all worthwhile.” I also ask for photos of their day-to-day or that captures what can’t be expressed in words.

This had led to astonishing success and resulted in very engaging and useful info from various levels – like the accountant, the CEO and even the warehouse manager! Seems like all they needed was a little structure they could trust to increase their comfort with providing content.

I know their customers are going to love what I have to share. It’s content gold.

So, how does your enterprise make it easier or more comfortable for employees to give you the content you need?