School Visits

School Visits and Workshops

Email me or call 412.837.9499 to schedule a school visit for your childcare center, preschool or Pre-K program, or elementary school!

Available workshops:

  • Storytelling Without Words (PK-3)

  • Root Camp (PK-3)

  • Non-Boring Non-Fiction (3-6)

  • I Want to Be a Writer (3-6)


IMG_1692Storytelling Without Words –  Excite students with the magic of storytelling! Great for students in PK-3, students learn how tell a story using only pictures. Students hear a wordless or minimal text picture book then create their own version. Connects with Common Core standards like brainstorming, pre-writing, and revision.


3546269173_a60fd543ed_oRoot Camp – Students get ACTIVE in this energetic story about how a seed grows into a plant. This story aligns with Common Core standards and taps into kinesthetic learning styles. Best for grades PK-2.



Odyssey magazine

Non-Boring Non-Fiction – The truth is stranger than fiction! Students are introduced to the exciting topics available to non-fiction writers. Students learn about research, interview skills, and developing a narrative for non-fiction writing. Best for grades 3-6.



I Want to Be a Writer – Do you have great ideas for stories and articles? Can you handle positive and negative feedback? Students learn what skills they need to succeed in the profession of writing. Curiosity, creativity, and tenacity are key. Good spelling doesn’t hurt. Student practice brainstorming, pitching ideas, and delivering useful critique. Best for grades 3-6.


School workshop fees are $100 for up to 24 students. A mileage fee applies for locations over 20 miles from my home.


Email or call 412.837.9499 to schedule a workshop for your childcare center, preschool, Pre-K program, or elementary school!