Get Some Ideas!!

You need an idea. I have ideas. It’s a perfect match.

I love brainstorming crazy great ideas. And I love helping people out when they are stuck. Send me your question or problem and I’ll give you an idea. Or two. Or three. Free. No strings attached. Seriously. Just ask! (And if I can’t help, chances are I know someone who can.)

Story Ideas/Pet Names/Fun Hobbies/Website URLs/Business Names/Running Routes/Book Hooks/Games for Kids/Blog Content/Gift Ideas/Places to Volunteer/How to say thanks/Theme Songs/Pittsburgh fun/People to follow on Twitter/E-book help/How to procrastinate/What to compost/Decent pens/What to draw/What to write in a card

Here are some ways to ask me for some ideas.

Email me your question or problem at onesweetwriter[at]

Post your question on my Facebook page  and get ideas from others!

Tweet me your question and I’ll reply and I’ll retweet it and get ideas from others!

Or complete this form and submit your question and I’ll reply via email.

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